Image: Church Facade


Style of Worship

As a combined American Baptist Church and United Church of Christ, Williston-Immanuel United Church attempts to be grounded by faith in God, sustained by the love of Christ, and guided by the Holy Spirit. Its mission is to become compassionate, reconciling disciples of Jesus Christ who bear witness to God's love, to people in and out of the congregation. Acceptance without conditions, affirmation without discrimination—these are the goals of Williston-Immanuel United Church.

The Sunday worship service (10:30 am in the fall, winter & spring; 9:30 am in the summer) contains the traditional and the contemporary in a meaningful blend. There is always the desire, freedom, and encouragement to try new forms of worship and music..

Lay leaders assist the clergy in directing the services of worship at Williston-Immanuel. A Children's Time is a part of each service followed at 10:45 am by infant care for the younger ones and Sunday School classes for grades one through six. Sermons for youth and adults are consistently challenging and uplifting, with rich, Biblical content. Song books in each pew include "The Hymnal" published by the United Methodist Church; "The New Century Hymnal" published by the United Church of Christ, and "Immanuel Sings", a self-published hymnal (prior to the Williston-Immanuel merger), containing many newer compositions not found elsewhere. Congregational singing is a seriously important, varied and ecumenical ingredient in Williston-Immanuel's worship experiencereligious_ed.jpg

Every worshiper is provided with a printed worship guide [called a bulletin] often containing readings, prayers and new music, plus announcements for the week ahead. The service includes times of quietness, unison readings and often laughter and clapping. Some worshipers dress formally; others dress casually; the choir and clergy wear robes. The experience of worshiping with Williston-Immanuel is not easily forgotten.

A time for casual gathering in the church parlor, where snacks and beverages are provided, follows each worship service.