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Williston-Immanuel Is


Williston-Immanuel is a United Church of Christ congregation and an American Baptist Churches in the USA congregation...joined by unanimous vote of each to merge and do mission together in a stronger, better and more ecumenical way than either could do separate from the other. As such, the new, united congregation, officially using the chosen name "Williston-Immanuel United Church," relates to the regional and national organizations of both the United Church of Christ and American Baptist Churches, through relationships with other churches of both denominations in Cumberland County. The new church is neither one nor the other, but both, bringing together the best of two historic American denominations.

Rose WindowMission Statement

Grounded by our faith in God, sustained by the love of Christ, and guided by the Holy Spirit, our mission is to become compassionate, reconciling disciples of Jesus Christ who bear witness to God's love to the world.


The officers of the church include a Moderator who is responsible for the orderly conduct of business; a Clerk who keeps all of the proper records; a Treasurer who is responsible for proper use of our financial resources; and a Financial Secretary who maintains the record of giving by members and participants. A church council is the central governing board and there are many functioning committees to carry on the ministries of the church. In addition, we are led by a professional ministry staff including a Pastor, Music Director, Office Manager, and custodial/security personnel. More information can be found in the Bylaws of the Church.