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Music and Concerts at Williston-Immanuel


Since its beginning, Williston-Immanuel has placed extraordinary emphasis on the tradition of presenting music which encompasses all walks of life and draws from many languages and cultures around the world. Whether it is a sacred anthem, a gospel spiritual, an appropriate pop or Broadway song, or a classical chorale, Williston-Immanuel strives to present a standard of quality and commitment through God’s gift of melody, harmony and song.

The choir provides an enormous ministry to our church through their time and talent. If you haven't found just the place to exercise your ministry at WIUC, there are openings in every section of the choir and no audition is required. Often people tell me that they are quite certain that they have no musical ability and cannot sing. My answer is always that the energy and enthusiasm they would bring to the choir far outweighs the quality of their voice! Introduce yourself to any member of the choir or just come to rehearsal on Wednesdays at 6:45. You will be heartily welcomed and are guaranteed to have a great time! Choir Director, Kathleen Scott Rehearsal times and location: Wednesdays, 6:45 p.m. in the Church Parlor (accessible to all), Sundays, 8:25 a.m., in the sanctuary.

Children's and Cherub Choir Rehearsals resume on September 18th. All children are invited to participate.

Children's Choir Grades 2nd to 8th ~ Sundays 9:30am
Cherub Choir Grades up to 1st ~ Sundays 11:30am

On several First Fridays throughout the year, Williston-Immanuel involves volunteers from the church to welcome, perform music, share artistic expressions and serve refreshments to and with the hundreds of Portland gallery visitors who walk the streets on the evenings of the first Friday of each month.

MORE ARTS AT WILLISTON-IMMANUEL - Williston-Immanuel will schedule, prepare and announce a variety of arts events throughout the year (music, theatre, dance, exhibits, tours, etc.) for greater Portland, using the church's exceptional facilities to enrich the community culturally. Please see Coming Events on the Home Page, for the announcement of the special musical events.

MUSIC ORGANIZATIONS not affiliated with the church often present concerts in the church's magnificent sanctuary. Interested groups are invited to contact the church office for information (775-2301).