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Action Groups


    Besides the many programs described on this website, the combined American Baptist Church and United Church of Christ that is Williston-Immanuel United Church encourages and is supported by the activities of a number of action groups. Some have their own officers and treasuries; some gather regularly and others occasionally; and some simply pop-up to meet interests or needs when they arise. On a natural and regular basis new groups form as existing ones dissolve.

    Refreshments for Friday Art Walk

    FIRST FRIDAY ART WALK: on several First Fridays throughout the year, Williston-Immanuel involves volunteers from the church to welcome, perform music, share artistic expressions and serve refreshments to and with the hundreds of Portland gallery visitors who walk the streets on the evenings of the first Friday of each month.

    LaROMANA MISSION INVOLVEMENT TRIPS: (see Outreach and Mission)

    Unnoficial Clergy HelpersUNOFFICIAL CLERGY HELPERS: volunteers from the dozen or more members of Williston-Immanuel United Church who are ordained clergy (American Baptist, United Methodist, UCC) as well as any seminarian, offer their leadership in preaching when the Pastor is unavailable or conducting the wedding of any non-Williston-Immanuel couple who requests the church for a marriage ceremony.

    WORKERS IN FAITH: (called "The Elves" in the 1980's, and "The Beavers" in the 1990S') is a group of custodial volunteers who step forward at the bidding of the Trustees when non-professional repair and maintenance tasks need to be addressed, including interior decorating, gardening and landscaping.

    Wayside Community Meals (see Outreach and Mission)

    WOMEN'S FELLOWSHIP OF WILLISTON-IMMANUEL: meets September - June in the Church Parlors at noon, for lunch, inspirational discussions, guest speakers, and occasional musical treats. When: TBA FMI: Call Sylvia Nickels (797‐5366).